The show was a success!

36The show was a straight success! What’s funny is that after all of my models finished walking down the runway, I walked out on stage and I was supposed to walk all the way down the runway but instead I only walked halfway out because I got nervous! This is something that my dad texted me about because he didnt get to get a picture of me lol. When the show was finished, I went out to meet my dad and his wife and they were so proud of me. I was so happy that I was able to share my moment with family. I was also able to see my friends that came to support! Honestly, moments like these are great but when you have people to share them with, that love to see you win, it makes it even sweeter!

Showtime!! (Diamante Fashion Show)

1541960861192So now its showtime! I am extremely nervous because we barely had time to rehearse or see the flow of the show. I watch from the backstage screen as Kevin, the show’s coordinator, starts the introduction. The show commences with an amazing dance performance which gets everyone, including the designers and models, pumped! We were all just having fun and the previous stress and anxiety melted away. When it was time for my set, I was just happy at that point. Fortunately, every model was dressed in time for my line-up and I was able to relax and get photos and video of the girls. That moment right before runway time is always the greatest, Its a time when I reflect on what it took to get to that point and see how my hard wok has payed off. I can’t wait to share the final photos from the show!