Showtime!! (Diamante Fashion Show)

1541960861192So now its showtime! I am extremely nervous because we barely had time to rehearse or see the flow of the show. I watch from the backstage screen as Kevin, the show’s coordinator, starts the introduction. The show commences with an amazing dance performance which gets everyone, including the designers and models, pumped! We were all just having fun and the previous stress and anxiety melted away. When it was time for my set, I was just happy at that point. Fortunately, every model was dressed in time for my line-up and I was able to relax and get photos and video of the girls. That moment right before runway time is always the greatest, Its a time when I reflect on what it took to get to that point and see how my hard wok has payed off. I can’t wait to share the final photos from the show!

Georgetown Fashion Show BTW!

12So, I was blessed with the opportunity to showcase my designs at the annual Diamante fashion show and I wanted to share my bts experience! The day started when me and another Howard designer arrived at Georgetown University at 11am. Along with us, we had our big suitcases filled with our garments and sewing machines – lets also note that Georgetown University campus is like a MAZE! When we were finally able to find the Auditorium, we were extremely excited! We unpacked our things, socialized with the other designers, and fitted our clothing on the models, and even sewed a few extra pieces during the 5 hour gap until the show!

Fabric’s Here AYYYEE

new fabricSo after all of the panic and desperation, my new fabric arrived! Tonight I will be getting started on creating new pieces for the show this weekend. I know I would like to create a few jackets and maybe some special joggers. I am still working out how I want to style the pieces for a complete look and mix up. I am excited to see how everything turns out!

HUHC Fashion Show Day!

IMG_3201The HUHC Fashion Show was amazing! At first I was worried about my models not being able to walk in the order I selected or the clothing not being properly fitted before they walked out. Backstage was so hectic but I made sure I kept calm. It was astounding seeing my designs going down the runway and hearing roars from the crowd at each look. I also was able to successfully debut my website that night. After all the nerves, anxiety, and angst…everything went exactly how I dreamed!