HUHC Backstage!

ECB481C1-7FC6-4B6D-9B71-76B183706CC3[1177]The day of Howard University’s Homecoming Fashion Show was hectic! The morning started off with me finishing up sewing a few pieces and then attending class. I also had to be a part of a event that counted towards my final grade for one of my classes. The event was a success but, unfortunately, I was late to the HUHC fittings. The staff was texting and emailing me and there was nothing I could do! After the event was over, I headed to the auditorium with my suitcase of designs and we spent hours setting up and figuring out which models would wear what. I did interviews for online magazines and socialized with the other designers which calmed my nerves. Although I was overcome with anxiety about how the show would turn out, I was extremely excited to showcase my work!


sktUM WHERE IS MY FABRIC?? 3 days ago, I ordered my fabric for my designs for the HU Homecoming Fashion Show; it’s 3 days later…AND MY ORDER HAS NOT SHIPPED YET! I had ordered from my usual site because they are normally really fast in processing orders, I usually get my fabric within a week. I called this morning and they said that they were out of stock of one of my fabrics and had to ship it from their other warehouse. Unfortunately, this had delayed the process and I would probably not get my fabric until THE WEEK OF THE SHOW. Of course, I feel like there is a cloud of worry hanging above my head but I decided to relax. I am not letting things that are out of my control worry me anymore. I am speaking positive affirmations that everything will come out smoothly. Luckily, I still have fabric left over if all else fails. Stay tuned.

HU Homecoming Fashion Show??

065D817B-1B9A-4E85-AC31-509B26735EA0Last week, the Howard Homecoming Fashion Show team reached out to me and asked for my brand to participate in this year’s show. During my time at Howard I have heard about how phenomenal the annual show is and I have always wanted to be a part of it; unfortunately, I have always felt that my brand was not ready. This year, I am extremely grateful for the growth and evolution  of my designs with introducing myself as a real designer at Howard and showcasing my talents. I felt that for my first two years at Howard I really feared showing my passion and overtime, after witnessing others be fearless, I became more confident. I am at a place now where, humbly, I know what I can bring and others know it too. I have proven my dedication and my talents to this community and I know I will only grow from here. Please stay tuned to witness my journey of creating for the show- there’s going to be blood, sweat, and tears!

Working On A New Design!!

img_29011055.jpgLast week, my floral lace fabric arrived in my next colorway. Originally I had chosen a light blue and orange patterned lace that did not match my vision. Unfortunately, I had already cut it so I can not return it. Thankfully, the new fabric that arrived was exactly what I needed. I constructed a lace top and a velour teal skirt made of the same fabric as my teal bodysuit. This outfit was more on the risque side because of the lace and the shortness of the skirt. Whoever wears this one has to be bold!

Bodysuit Photoshoot!!


Milan unoffocial phtos(Unofficial pictures) Last week I had a photo-shoot for one of my new bodysuits! At first, I was nervous because getting the right fit of this design can be a little difficult. I started with asking for my model’s measurements but I ended up freestyling the design without measurements. Sometimes ,I really believe I have a gift for designing clothing because I can look at someones body and know exactly how something will fit on them. Most of my designs are crafted without measurements but 99% of the time it fits perfectly on the model. The bodysuit I made for her fit exactly how I envisioned it would and when we did the photoshoot, her confidence brought it to life. The shoot was done on the roof of a parking garage right at golden hour. The sun was on our side and we got some amazing shots!

Bodysuit Colorwayyss!

IMG_2602This week the fabric arrived in my other colorways for the lace top and bodysuit! I decided that since I loved how the teal bodysuit came out, I wanted to make variety. Unfortunately, I underestimated the amount of fabric that I would need- I ordered one yard when I needed at least two! My frustration turned into improvisation and I had to make the bodysuit a capri-style hem.  My goal with the color choice and even the design structure was to create a piece that was stylish and wearable! Reflecting on my own wardrobe choices, I tend to wear clothing that are unique but easily worn. Lately, whenever I go clothes shopping I am on a hunt for a cute bodysuit because they can be worn in all temperatures; throw a denim jacket on when its a little chilly, throw a bubble coat on when its freezing, and rock it as a stand-alone when it’s hot. Despite my fabric mishap, the bodysuit turned out FIRE and it fit me like a glove. I can not wait to take pictures modeling my own design!

Making THE Bodysuit!


Although the collection that I am making is going to be a Spring 2019 collection, I really wanted to make clothing that could be worn during cold weather. I also want to start designing clothing that can be worked into my wardrobe for going to class. With this new bodysuit, I can throw on a jacket or a coat and it would be a LOOK! Currently, I am crafting it in teal and burgundy colorways to match the rest of the collection. This one should be something that all of the girls can rock this year!