Fabric’s Here AYYYEE

new fabricSo after all of the panic and desperation, my new fabric arrived! Tonight I will be getting started on creating new pieces for the show this weekend. I know I would like to create a few jackets and maybe some special joggers. I am still working out how I want to style the pieces for a complete look and mix up. I am excited to see how everything turns out!

Waiting for fabric…AGAIN!

sparkle satinSo….I have another fashion show this weekend! I already have every piece in my collection made but (with my crazy creative brain and need for pushing myself) I want to create new designs. I feel that I want to spruce up my collection with some additional pieces and showcase those for this Georgetown show. I want my pieces to be more accessorized and styled for this show. BUT it is not up to me – it is up to the USPS delivery workers in delivering my fabric in time. I am hoping everything is delivered by Friday so I can get started working on the pieces, even I have to do it all in one day! Earlier this week someone asked me why I so I always wait to the last minute to order fabric? Well…the answer is that I am so indecisive! Please pray for me and my obsession with perfection!!