About CM

My name is Ciarra Mariah and when I was 9 years old I hand-sewed my first dress. My 4th grade art teacher had noticed my interest in sewing and gave me the knowledge I would need to develop my new found passion. Over the course of those young years, I became an aspiring designer that went on to practice through trial and error. I sewed for hours every single day and would proudly show off everything I created. I volunteered for non-profit fashion shows and competitions at my high school to gain experience, challenge my ability, and discover a higher purpose for my craft.

I went on to pursue Business Marketing at Howard University because I was driven to start my own clothing business one day. As I discovered my path and made connections while attending Howard, I gained enough confidence to start showcasing my work here at the Mecca. My Junior year is when I began displaying my designs and dreamt of having my own clothing brand entitled “Ciarra Mariah”. Now that I am a Senior at Howard University, I have realized that the dreams that I once had are now closer than I could have ever imagined.

As I have learned to embrace myself, I want to design for individuals that are owning who they are and embodying what they inspire to be. Ciarra Mariah is a clothing brand that represents any individual that is bold, brilliant, and inspired by the evolvement of individual power.Through creative visions of risqué elegance we will experience resilience.