HUHC Backstage!

ECB481C1-7FC6-4B6D-9B71-76B183706CC3[1177]The day of Howard University’s Homecoming Fashion Show was hectic! The morning started off with me finishing up sewing a few pieces and then attending class. I also had to be a part of a event that counted towards my final grade for one of my classes. The event was a success but, unfortunately, I was late to the HUHC fittings. The staff was texting and emailing me and there was nothing I could do! After the event was over, I headed to the auditorium with my suitcase of designs and we spent hours setting up and figuring out which models would wear what. I did interviews for online magazines and socialized with the other designers which calmed my nerves. Although I was overcome with anxiety about how the show would turn out, I was extremely excited to showcase my work!

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