HU Homecoming Fashion Show??

065D817B-1B9A-4E85-AC31-509B26735EA0Last week, the Howard Homecoming Fashion Show team reached out to me and asked for my brand to participate in this year’s show. During my time at Howard I have heard about how phenomenal the annual show is and I have always wanted to be a part of it; unfortunately, I have always felt that my brand was not ready. This year, I am extremely grateful for the growth and evolution  of my designs with introducing myself as a real designer at Howard and showcasing my talents. I felt that for my first two years at Howard I really feared showing my passion and overtime, after witnessing others be fearless, I became more confident. I am at a place now where, humbly, I know what I can bring and others know it too. I have proven my dedication and my talents to this community and I know I will only grow from here. Please stay tuned to witness my journey of creating for the show- there’s going to be blood, sweat, and tears!

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