Bodysuit Colorwayyss!

IMG_2602This week the fabric arrived in my other colorways for the lace top and bodysuit! I decided that since I loved how the teal bodysuit came out, I wanted to make variety. Unfortunately, I underestimated the amount of fabric that I would need- I ordered one yard when I needed at least two! My frustration turned into improvisation and I had to make the bodysuit a capri-style hem.  My goal with the color choice and even the design structure was to create a piece that was stylish and wearable! Reflecting on my own wardrobe choices, I tend to wear clothing that are unique but easily worn. Lately, whenever I go clothes shopping I am on a hunt for a cute bodysuit because they can be worn in all temperatures; throw a denim jacket on when its a little chilly, throw a bubble coat on when its freezing, and rock it as a stand-alone when it’s hot. Despite my fabric mishap, the bodysuit turned out FIRE and it fit me like a glove. I can not wait to take pictures modeling my own design!

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